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401k Plans: Plan Sponsors

Your 401(k) Plan design and platform matters!

The right setup can help participation and save you money. Let your NorthStar Financial Partner advisor help take away the complexities and make life easier for you.


We listen to your goals, discuss your unique situation, and work with you to lay out a financial road map.


Having a road map is a good start, but you need the right vehicle to take you to your destination.  Our investment vehicles are tailored to your plan.


Every road trip has unexpected detours.  We regularly review your plan and your investment vehicles to help you reach your destination. 

Here are some additional ways your NorthStar Financial Partners advisor can guide you:

401k Plans and Participants
  • Individual Attention
  • Investment Models
  • Attention to Detail

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Other Retirement Plans
  • Individual 401k Plan

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401k Plans: Plan Sponsors Resources

As part of our commitment to educating clients on financial matters, we’re proud to provide helpful articles and resources to help you expand your professional knowledge and achieve success for your business.

401k Plans: Plan Sponsors

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