Plan Design

When is the last time that you reviewed your Plan Design?


The design of your plan sets the foundation of your entire employee retirement plan.  The provisions that you choose are placed in your plan document, which determines the rules and mandates for your plan.  Do you want individually designed plan, or a more simple prototype arraignment?  Employer profit sharing, employer match or both?  Vesting schedule? Loan provision?  Safe harbor plans add provisions that make your plan much easier to administer and allow more freedom to the owners in trade for benefits to employees.  The decisions that you make will go a long ways to determining the success and participation of employees.


Do you wish that you could contribute more to your personal account in the plan?  Do you wonder why more of your employees do not participate?  Do you find that the retirement plan sometimes gets neglected when the business gets busy and time is short?  These are areas that we concentrate on and help improve for our clients!


NorthStar Financial Partners advisors have the flexibility to use an outside Third Party Administrator (TPA) for your plan or to make use of our in-house TPA for more basic designs.  Our full service administration service through Kutzke Retirement Services, Inc. will work with your HR staff to help your plan run smoothly.  Or, if you only have one person doing all of the work, we can help you from enrollment to termination.  We know that service is the #1 reason that 401(k) plans change providers- it is also why we have had many plans that have been with us for over 20 years!


If you would like to have us look at your plan, please contact us today!


Third Party Administration (TPA) services offered by Kutzke Retirement Services, Inc. are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.