About Us


How we are different.

When comparing financial services firms, many look very much the same. We have the same products, financial software and regulations. Relationships and focus on the client are important pieces of the puzzle — but you find them on most websites. It can be confusing!

So why the picture of a mouse? Did you know that the DNA of a mouse matches 95% of human DNA? It is that 5% difference of the DNA that really matters! So too with financial advisors!

What are your needs? How well do your needs match up with the strengths of our firm? What is our 5% difference? We feel that it is in our emphasis on education- of our clients, our staff and our advisors!

We help our clients to make the big decisions right!

By listening carefully to our clients, we follow it with excellent analysis and timely solutions to enable our clients to make appropriate decisions. It is essential that our clients understand their own plans. We strive for complete understanding of sometimes complex situations by educating both our clients and their spouses.

Ongoing advisor education is required.

It is important to our clients’ success that we expand our expertise. Here are some examples:

  • We hold monthly advisor meetings where we discuss such things as current trends, tax law changes, portfolio signals and case studies. Because our group has diverse strengths- technical analysis, tax accounting, behavioral economics and technology, we are better able to present creative and insightful solutions to client concerns.
  • We consult with mutual fund managers and other investment experts to get direct information from them on current investment outlooks and strategy. Good information leads to better decisions and guidance.
  • A firm can get stale without outside information. To avoid this, we travel at various times of the year to attend national conferences, workshops, industry conventions and other specialized training. One example: the Morningstar annual investment conference exposes us to top portfolio managers and other professionals to educate us of investment trends and valuable insights. It is so much better than just reading online.

Support staff is a key ingredient to your successful experience.

The culture of service is prevalent in our firm. Friendly, timely, efficient and accurate are descriptions that our staff has received and we truly appreciate them and their work!

Beyond that, what does it say when our average tenure of staff is 11 years? It means that everyone does good work, performs well together and enjoy being with each other! Experience matters. Continuity matters. Culture matters. Client relationships are formed not only with our advisors, but with our valuable staff.

We also provide ongoing education to our staff through online training, continuing education and outside workshops provided by our broker dealer. It is important for them to keep up on new technology, best practices and changes that affect the industry.

We encourage questions from our clients, so you have better understanding of your plan and portfolio.

On our website, we strive to provide entertaining and helpful blog posts, monthly investment video updates and links to deeper information for those who are looking for additional education.

A culture of thankfulness.

We know that if we take care of our clients, we will be well taken care of ourselves. What goes around, comes around. A consistent work effort leads to consistent results. We measure our value by the success of our clients and are grateful for the trust that our they place in us every day!

We would be honored to work with you to help you to achieve your goals and dreams!