Social Security

When to begin Social Security retirement benefits is one of the most important decisions facing retirees.  It is much more complicated than meets the eye and deserves study.  We can help guide you to make an educated decision about when to start!


Here are some questions that should be answered in a Social Security study:

  • How long do you expect to live for planning purposes?
  • What are spousal benefits?
  • What happens to our benefits when my spouse dies?
  • My retirement amount is much higher than my spouse’s benefit.  Should we both just begin our benefit at full retirement age?
  • I am quite a bit younger than my spouse.  Does age matter when doing Social Security planning?
  • Does it matter if I continue working after starting retirement benefits?
  • Am I taxed on Social Security benefits?
  • How can I go online to check my benefits?


For younger people:

  • Why is it important to review my earnings record?
  • What rights do I have to claim on my divorced spouse’s earnings record?
  • I am widowed/divorced.  Does it matter if I remarry?
  • How are my benefits calculated?


We can do a Social Security Study as a part of an overall Retirement Income Plan or as a stand-alone study.  Please inquire about the low cost Social Security Review program, to find out the optimal time to begin your Social Security retirement benefit and have a plan for this important piece of your income.


To get started, contact us today!