Long Term Care

This is one of the most challenging financial planning topics of our generation.  The costs vary based on home health care, assisted living facilities and nursing home care.  There are many options for paying for this care and many questions that come with each option:

  • How much can the average person expect to pay for home health care, assisted living facilities and nursing home care?
  • If I end up in a care facility will my spouse still be able to afford their lifestyle?
  • What does a long-term care policy cover?
  • Are the policy premiums expensive?
  • What policy options are available?
  • At what age should I start considering a policy?
  • Doesn’t Medicare cover long term care?

Long term care insurance helps protect your assets. This protection allows your spouse to continue on after you are gone or for you to preserve a legacy.  There are various asset strategies that work with long term care policies and state specific coverage.  Therefore we work with various estate/elder law attorneys to craft a plan that fits your needs.

If you would like to review your need for long term care insurance, please contact us today.


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