Attention to Details: The Little Things Make the Difference

Here are some questions to ask when reviewing your 401(k) Plan for quality service:

  • Are your employees sometimes unsuccessful getting enrolled in the plan because they just do not get around to it, or need assistance that is not available?
  • Do you never hear your employees talk about their 401(k) account, unless they are complaining about it?
  • Do you know the person that you are calling when you need help with your plan? Or is it a 1-800 number?
  • Do you have a co investment fiduciary for your plan, or just the investment company?
  • Do your employees know what they are invested in, within their accounts? Or is it just some 2040 fund?
  • Do all of the participants have a beneficiary listed? Have you ever had one die without a beneficiary- or worse yet- the ex as a beneficiary?!
  • Does your advisor work for you or the investment company when there is a problem with an employee?
  • Does your advisor act almost like a member of your human resources team to help with all aspects of the 401(k) Plan?
  • What happens to an employee’s retirement account when they leave employment? Does it matter?
  • Is there someone to help the employee be potentially more successful with their investments, or are they on their own, because you cannot help them?
  • Would your employees speak favorably of their retirement account advisor, or would they even recognize them?

You may respond positively to many of the questions above- but if you do not and wish to improve your experience, please call us and we will begin a conversation to see if we can help you! To get started, contact us today.