Already Retired? Need a change in course?

Have you already retired, but get the feeling that you are not on the right path?  Do you lack a retirement income plan to be confident in during times of stress?  Are your investments not performing like you thought they must to provide for your spending needs?   Do you want a second opinion?


There are many reasons that it may be worth your while to have another look at your retirement plan.  Here are some comments we have heard from new clients looking for help:


  • I never really had a plan put together- I just retired and started living life!
  • It seems like there is no coordination between my investments, taxes and my income.
  • I am not sure that my investments in model portfolios are managed like they need to be in volatile times, considering I am selling for income each month. Should I be selling stocks for income now?
  • I am thinking of beginning to take my Social Security retirement income- does it matter when I start?
  • I have accounts all over the place! Does it make sense to consolidate them to make things easier to follow?
  • How much guaranteed income do I need? Bank rates are really low- what else can I do for guaranteed income?
  • I thought I would really enjoy working with my investments, and now I find that I have other things that I would rather do with my time.


We welcome you to come in and have a conversation with us to see if we can help you continue a successful retirement path!  In this complex world of investments, taxes, and continual changes, it might be nice to have someone in your corner to help!  We would be happy to meet you!

Ready to change course? Contact us today!